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    President Duda met the mother of the youngest martial law victim

    President Andrzej Duda met with Krystyna Barchańska, mother of the nearly 17-year-old Emil Barchański who was murdered in 1982, who was the youngest victim of martial law.


    Emil Barchański, third grade student of the Lyceum of Reja in Warsaw, with colleagues from the secret organization Confederation of Polish Youth “Piłsudczyki”, on February 10, 1982, that is, two months from the imposition of martial law, when the most draconian laws restricting freedom were in force in Poland, in the very center of Warsaw, he threw the statue of Feliks Dzerzhinsky with white and red paint, as well as Molotov cocktails. On June 3, 1982, he went on the Vistula’s bank with a friend to study. At one point he disappeared and no one else saw him alive. After a few days, his body was fished out of the river. The perpetrators were never found.



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