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    “Mission: Impossible 8” – Marcin Dorociński will work with Tom Cruise

    Well-known Polish actor Marcin Dorociński will play in “Mission: Impossible 8”. After months of speculations, the producers confirmed that work on the set of the film plan is already ongoing. The film will be released in 2024 and the leading role will be played by Tom Cruise.

     Hello beloved,

    I greet you warmly from London. The day has come and (courtesy of the producers of the movie Mission Impossible @tomcruise and #christophermcquarrie) after months of speculation, I can confirm my participation in this legendary series with joy and great emotion.

    When the first part of the MI series came out in 1996, I was still a student of @akademia_teatralna. I saw Tom Cruise in @topgunmovie and on posters at my friends, and a film set from outside the window, passing bus 119 next to @ wfdif.chelmska21 at Chełmska. And if someone had told me then that 26 years later I would be playing in the last two parts of the Ethan Hunt saga, with the director who wrote the screenplay for “”Sand and Stones” and “Top Gun: Maverick”, I would have said “No, that’s impossible,” I would have deeply disbelieved and quickly walked away.

    And yet. Successes do not come by themselves, they have this characteristic that the long road to them is usually costly with sacrifices, failures, failures and disappointments. I remember – when asked about my career plans – I was shy and said quielty “I would like to try abroad”. I also remember biting remarks and disrespectful glances, but I remember just as well that there were people around me who believed in my dream more than I did, because I, Marcin from Kłudzienko, has always had a problem with it.

    The first casting I got from my London agency was MI – Ghost Protocol. I have lost. Since then, I have recorded over 1,200 self tapes. And I lost them all. I won my first self tape last year – after over ten years of painstaking recordings, great hopes and efforts and after 1,200 painful and severe setbacks. And those two wins were @netflixvalhalla and MI: Dead Reckoning. And now I can share my joy with you.

    Therefore, believe in your dreams and do not give up. Your big, long-awaited dreams may be waiting around the corner. Patience and courage. Good luck!

    Thank you for your support!
    I am touched.


    Christopher McQuarrie


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