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    Su-30 aircraft fell on a multi-storey house in Russia. The pilots probably suffocated inside [VIDEO]

    Footage of the crash of a Russian Su-30 fighter jet has hit the web. The plane allegedly came down on one of the houses in Irkutsk, Russia. The information was provided by the governor of the Irkutsk region, Mikhail Kobzev. According to media reports, the pilots of the plane may have died while still in flight.

    “The Su-30 military aircraft fell on a block of flats” reports Novaya Gazeta. Yevropa. 



    A video of the scene has been published online.



    Lack of communication


    The official cause of the incident has not been given, but according to the local newspaper Tvoy Irkutsk, the pilots may have been dead while still in flight. Journalists report that the Su-30 flying was checked by another aircraft because it did not respond to signals. The crew of the other plane was said to have seen in the cockpit that the pilots were sitting “with their heads down”.


    “It is likely that the pilots suffocated. When the plane ran out of fuel, it crashed in the Novo-Lenino area,” reports the newspaper.


    Another incident in seven days


    This is the second such accident in Russia in a week. On Monday, 15 people were killed in the crash of a Su-34 bomber that hit an eight-storey apartment block in the city of Yezhsk, in south-western Russia.



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