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    5th edition of charity event supporting Borderland inhabitants in Poland

    On November 11, the 5 th edition of the charity event “A Pole with a heart” supporting Borderland inhabitants in Poland will be organised by Catholic Youth Association in Poland and Youth Foundation.

    “A Pole with a heart” is a charity campaign aimed at helping people living in the Borderlands. Since 2018, the organization has been helping Poles who are divided by the border with Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus. Its action is an expression of solidarity and empathy for those who, due to the political and economic situation, do not receive aid from territorial authorities. Left to their own devices, they live in poverty and misery.

    “Today we are at the center of the heart that shares with other people – in Caritas Poland.”, said Bishop Artur Miziński, the General Secretary of the Polish Bishops’ Conference at the inaugurating conference on Tuesday, November 8.

    He explained how to help our compatriots across the eastern border and reported on the activities of the Catholic Youth Association.

    Senator Maria Koc, the originator of “A Pole with a heart” campaign also took part in the meeting.

    “I have the privilege of being a partner with the Catholic Youth Association for years. While still Deputy Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, I established particularly close relations with our compatriots from across the eastern border. Since the end of the 1990s, I have traveled to Ukraine to support them there”, she said.

    Until now, the Poles living across the eastern border received PLN 156,784.65, for which they bought food, school supplies and cleaning products. In addition, the campaign has collected over 35 tons of products that were donated to those in need. In the context of urgent help for the people living in war-torn Ukraine, Senator Maria Koc said to people from the West:

    “Wealthy society thinks that they will send two trucks of crisps and the help is done. We, as Poland, are bleeding out. We have been providing help there for a very long time. Not only in the humanitarian but also in the military dimension. We will need much more of such help”, warned Senator Maria Koc.

    How can you help?
    1. COLLECTION OF GIFTS – from November 11 to 20, 2022, a collection of gifts and a financial collection will take place. Products that can be delivered to designated points throughout Poland include, among others food with a long shelf life, hygiene products, products for children.

    2. “EDAROMAT” – this tool met with great interest during the 3rd edition of the campaign. Recently, it has been updated and now it allows you to make virtual purchases, the equivalent of which is transferred in the form of a donation to help Poles in the Borderlands.

    3. PRAYER – the constant support of our compatriots in the East takes place thanks to prayer. Get in on the action, devoting even the smallest part of your day to remembering Poles in need abroad. Spiritual support is as important as material support.

    More information is available here.

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