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    PM stresses Poland has simple choice: building defences or becoming enslaved by Russia

    Poland will fall under Russian domination if it fails to strengthen its defences, the prime minister warned on Monday.

    Mateusz Morawiecki made the warning while visiting an aircraft factory in the central city of Bydgoszcz.


    “We have a very simple choice – either we fall victim to Russian domination and become enslaved by Russia again, or we quickly build our defence potential together with our closest allies like the US, Britain and other NATO states.” 

    Morawiecki said.


    Morawiecki added that the Russia-Ukraine war showed that modern weaponry was able to make up for deficiencies in military manpower.


    “Today we know well that disproportions in the size of armed forces – as those that are visible… between Russia and Ukraine – can be compensated for by modern means of waging combat,” 

    he said.


    He added that Poland was buying new weapons from countries like the US, South Korea, Britain and other NATO allies.





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