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    Grodzki's case took on surprising proportions. “He has to give up the function of Marshal”

    – The Senate’s Marshal must be a crystalline figure – said the head of the political cabinet of the Prime Minister Krzysztof Kubów in yesterday’s radio interview. He added that suspicion directed towards Marshal Tomasz Grodzki, should make him to leave Marshial’s position until the matter would be clarified. However, it doesn’t look like it is expected. Grodzki is going to fight with the accusations in court – inter alia he sued journalists of “Gazeta Polska”.

    In November 2019, an entry appeared on Agnieszka Popiel’s, Professor of the Department of Botany and Nature Conservation at the University of Szczecin, Facebook profile, in which she accused Tomasz Grodzki of acceptance of property benefits in exchange for medical services, while performing duties in the state hospital.

    – When my mother was dying, you were supposed to give $ 500 for surgery. Probably it was for medical magazines. I did not receive an invoice or a bill. I will never forget it- she wrote.

    This FB entry caused a real avalanche. Former Grodzki’s patients began to report to Radio Szczecin, claiming that they were handing money to the current Senate’s Marshal. Suspicions of taking bribes have taken surprising proportions. Recently, one of the patients gave interview under his own name – Mr. Henryk Osiewalski in the interview with Tomasz Duklanowski revealed that he paid Grodzki 200 PLN for taking an x-ray.

    Grodzki’s former patient says in front of the camera: “I personally gave the money to the doctor’s hand”

    Meanwhile, Marshal Tomasz Grodzki defends himself against accusations in an unusual way. He has organized a press conference during which he informed about suing journalists involved in the case (including Tomasz Duklanowski and Tomasz Sakiewicz) and the professor Agnieszka Popiel.

    Beside that, Grodzki released a recording in which Tadeusz Staszczyk said that he was urged to give false testimony accusing Grodzki in exchange for PLN 5,000. The elderly man turned out to be … a former agent. There are more and more doubts about the current medical activity of the of the Senate’s Marshal as well as votes that he should leave his position.

    – For the clarity of the case, in my opinion, Marshal Grodzki should resign from the function until these charges are clarified by patients who report more and more frequently about what has happened- the head of the Prime Minister’s political cabinet, Krzysztof Kubów, said on Radio Wrocław today.

    – I don’t want to judge him. That’s what the prosecutors’ office, the CBA (central anti-corruption office) ,who are investigating the case, do. Mr. Grodzki should take into account how important the function he performs is. While taking up the position, he should be aware that the Marshall of the Senate must be a crystalline figure – he added.





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