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    The Mexican government announced on Friday that work had begun to strengthen the security of the southern border of the country against another approaching caravan of immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador, numbering over 3,000 people.

    An additional two hundred National Guard officers are expected to be sent to the southern border of Mexico. The ‘Migrant Caravan’ counts three and a half thousand people who departed from San Pedro in the North of Honduras on Tuesday and are heading to the United States via Mexico. On Wednesday, the caravan crossed the border with Guatemala, traveling on foot or using available means of transport. Despite the security measures implemented so far, in accordance with the agreement with the US administration, the influx of immigrants to Mexico has not decreased. One of the programs aimed at controlling the migration crisis on the southern US border is a procedure for protecting migrants, in which immigrants, mainly from Central America, seeking political asylum in the United States, have to wait for a preliminary hearing by American officials on the Mexican side of the border. 


    “We’re going to wait for the other group because a lot of people are still coming; it’s a massive caravan and more are coming behind us. The caravan will arrive approximately by Saturday. Saturday through Sunday” said Maria Reyes, travelling north.  


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