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    Poles are optimistic about the future

    Majority of Poles are optimistic and believe that things are going in the right direction in Poland, according to a public opinion poll by Kantar Public.

    According to poll published by PAP, 57 percent of Poles are optimistic about the future, and they say that things in Poland are going well. 41 percent believe the situation in the country is heading in the wrong direction. 22 percent of population have no opinion on the matter. Respondents were asked about the condition of the Polish economy, 57 percent said the economy was growing, while 32 percent said the economy was in crisis. 27 percent believe the economy is experiencing a mild crisis while 6 percent described the crisis as severe. The survey was conducted  on January 10 -15 with a representative sample of 1,015 respondents aged 15 and over.

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