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    A Holocaust survivor: Poland is the safest country for Jews in Europe

    The 75th anniversary of the liberation of the German Auschwitz concentration camp is being  commemorated in Oświęcim Brzezinka. The anniversary ceremony gathered around 200 former prisoners and survivors of the Holocaust, as well as 60 delegations representing countries and international organisations. The ceremony is held under the patronage of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. 

     A survivor of the holocaust, Edward Mosberg in an interview for Polish Radio 1 said that the extermination must be talked about so that it will not be forgotten.  “I lost my whole family, they were all Polish citizens. They were murdered by the Germans in German camps” – said a Polish Jew saved from the Holocaust.

    A survivor of the Holocaust, Edward Mosberg, in an interview by Katarzyna Gójska from Polskie Radio 1, pointed out that the story of Holocaust must be told so that it is not forgotten.

    “I lost the whole family, they were all Polish citizens, all were murdered by the Germans in German concentration camps in Poland”

    He reminded and emphasized that we must remember one thing. “All camps in Poland were built by Germans. There were no Polish concentration camps or extermination camps” said Mosberg.

    The survivor went on to say that a lot of people in the United States have never heard of concentration camps and the Holocaust.

    “It is my duty, for the memory of my family and people murdered by the Germans, not to forget about it. We must not forget, because if we do, it’s as if we had killed these people again”.

    When asked by Katarzyna Gójska how he looks at this crime from the perspective of a mature man, he replied that he blamed the Germans for “everything”.

    “If they had not voted for Hitler in the 1930s, there would have been no NSDAP, no concentration and death camps, and no murders. That is why I think that Germany should pay for the maintenance of these camps in Poland, it is very expensive. And they should also pay compensation to Poles who lost their families and were in camps”.

    Mosberg added that he feels safe in Poland.

    “Poland is the safest country in Europe for Jews. I have never encountered anti-Semitism here. On the contrary, the government here is against anti-Semitism.”

    He added that the Holocaust must not be used for political purposes. He also stated that he loves the Israeli state, but …

    I love the state of Israel, but some people there are not worth loving. (…) A certain Israel Katz sad some nasty things about Christianity, that if a mother breast-feeds a child, it sucks anti-Semitism with her milk. This is a lie, ten times I can say that this is a lie, shame and shame. This is an insult to all Christianity around the world and it offends me very much “- he added.

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