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    The Polish ambassador to the UK responds to London Mayor Sadiq Khan

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has told the magazine “Jewish News” that the £300,000 City Hall donation to the Auschwitz Museum was motivated in part by a desire to address what he called “the rewriting of history”. The Ambassador of Poland to the United Kingdom, Arkady Rzegocki, dismissed the Sadiq’s Khan’s claims and presented the facts about the Holocaust. Under the German occupation, Polish citizens had suffered every kind of atrocity imaginable, said the ambassador.


    Ambasador Rzegocki wrote “ It is Poland’s duty to remind the world of the real historical events when they are being challenged. With some of the history’s worst atrocities taking place on its soil, Poland is the guardian of the memory of all those who died in such hideous crimes as the Holocaust. And let’s remember that three million out of the six million Jews murdered in it were Polish citizens.”

    The Polish ambassador also referred to the UK contribution to Auschwitz Museum, “The UK government and the Mayor of London have pledged £1.3 million for the upkeep of the museum, for which I am very grateful. This will help Poland’s commitment – £14 million a year – to preserve the memory of the Auschwitz victims”. 

    In an interview for the Jewish News, Rzegocki stressed that while there were instances of Poles collaborating with the Germans, they were in definite minority and rarely took place. 


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