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    Strong winds over Poland

    Hundreds of interventions by emergency services throughout Poland, thousands of households
    without electricity – these are the effects of the storms that hit the country last night. Two people lost their lives today as they were hit by a fragment of a roof of a ski rental shop in Bukowina Tatrzańska.

    Firefighters of Zachodniopomorskie Province intervened more than 300 times in connection with events caused by high winds. Firefighters went mainly to overturned trees, mainly in the Koszalin, Kołobrzeg and Gryfice counties. On the area of Greater Poland Province around 3.8 thousand consumers were deprived of electricity due to strong winds. The fire brigade has recorded more than 50 emergency events so far. In Dolnośląskie Province firefighters intervened more than 200 times. “There will be more intervention because we are still receiving reports of events related to gales”, said the duty officer. The firemen also intervened in connection with broken roofs from farm buildings. There are currently 3.4 thousand recipients without electricity. In the Łódzkie Province, more than 4 thousand farms are de-energized. During the night, the fire brigade intervened 45 times in the region. One person was injured. One of the most dangerous events occurred in Kujawy near Krapkowice, where the wind broke the power cable. A live wire has fallen on the barn. The electricity passed through metal drinking troughs and chains and injured 16 dairy cows. The animals died on the spot. However, the most tragic incident occurred in Bukowina Tatrzańska, where two people lost their lives as they were hit by a piece of a roof taken by the strong wind from a ski rental shop. Two other poeple got injured as well. 

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