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    Railway Workers’ Day in Poland

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    Today, there is a Polish holiday in the honor of all railway workers. It is celebrated annually on November 25. It is also the day of the remembrance of St. Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of railroad workers.

    The railway service is almost 200 years of tradition and a significant part of Poland’s industrial and historical heritage.

    The celebration of Railway Workers’ Day is a tradition dating back to the 19th century. Railway Workers’ Day is also an opportunity to get a promotion or decoration for conscientious performance of their professional duties. There are two decorations for railroad workers, i.e., the Cross of Merit or the badge of honour “Zasłużony dla Kolejnictwa” (English: Meritorious to the Railways).

    On July 21, 1981, the NSZZ “Solidarity” of the Lublin PKP Junction passed Resolution No. 1, “that starting in 1981, Railway Worker’s Day is recognized as November 25, i.e., the day of St. Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of Polish railroad workers.” 

    The first main celebration on the date of November 25 was held in Lublin. It coincided with the unveiling and consecration by Lublin Bishop Boleslaw Pylak of the Cross-Monument to the Railway Workers’ Sorrow. The monument is on the premises of the Lublin Locomotive Depot.

    Dear Railway Workers, we wish you safe service and a sense of satisfaction. We also wish you motivation for the tasks entrusted to you – team Poland Daily 24. 

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