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    A Polish streamer caused a sensation by fighting against frogs in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for 24 hours

    H2P_Gucio, a well-known streamer in the Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends community, has attracted record-breaking interest on Twitch with his latest endeavor. For over 24 hours, he attempted to defeat two frogs in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

    The optional boss, Oggdo and Bogdo, proved to be a formidable challenge, as Gucio repeated the fight 934 times. Despite the game’s departure from his usual content, Gucio’s persistence has paid off, drawing in over 32,000 viewers, a significant increase from his standard audience of 3,300. While the fight is not necessary to complete the game, Gucio’s dedication has earned him a place in the streaming community’s record books.

    His battle with the two frogs resonated widely within the Polish Twitter community, where the hashtag “Gucio” became one of the most popular searches. The event was also commented on by popular profiles such as the Polish Twitter League of Legends, which decided to comment on his efforts in the following way:

    The stream ended after nearly 25 hours due to the streamer’s fatigue, who unfortunately could not defeat the powerful frogs, Oggdo and Bogdo. However, he promised to make another attempt to conquer them during his next live broadcast.

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