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    Activists Breach Buffer Zone Regulations at Polish-Belarusian Border

    Amid ongoing tensions at the Polish-Belarusian border, activists led by Piotr Czaban and the “Citizens of Poland” (Obywatele RP – ed.) continue to defy newly implemented buffer zone regulations. Despite pleas from Defense Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the activists remain steadfast in their mission to aid illegal immigrants crossing into Poland.

    Videos circulating online show activists aiding foreigners who have successfully entered Poland illegally. Czaban and his group have declared their refusal to comply with the buffer zone restrictions established on June 13, which are intended to bolster border security for 90 days.

    Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz has called for the activists to cease their actions, emphasizing the legal and safety implications. “We are verifying reports of such activities. Those with good intentions should not act unlawfully or facilitate illegal border crossings,” he stated on Polsat News, urging the activists to reconsider their approach.

    However, Czaban and his colleagues remain undeterred. They continue to operate within the buffer zone with the state’s permission, a decision that has drawn criticism from military personnel stationed at the border. Soldiers have reported that activists have been guiding migrants on how to bypass Polish security forces, posing a significant security threat.

    In a bold declaration, Citizens of Poland announced their intent to engage in civil disobedience. “We do not intend to adhere to any restrictions within the buffer zone… We are prepared to face any consequences and stand proudly before the courts of the Republic for our actions,” the organization stated, with Czaban amplifying the message on social media.

    As tensions escalate, the clash between state security measures and activist efforts highlights the complex and contentious nature of border control and humanitarian aid. The situation continues to evolve, with both sides firmly entrenched in their positions.

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