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    Agreement Ends Farmers’ Protest in Banie Municipality

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    Farmers in Banie municipality, Poland, called off their protest after reaching an agreement with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Robert Telus, in Warsaw. The agreement addresses concerns over an alleged illegal contract and establishes a task force for proposing legislative changes regarding state-owned agricultural properties.

    Farmers in the Banie municipality of Poland have decided to suspend their ongoing protest following the signing of an agreement with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Robert Telus. The agreement, finalized in Warsaw, aims to resolve the farmers’ concerns regarding a contract between the National Center for Agricultural Support and the Babinek Agro-Industrial Company, which they deemed to be in violation of the law.

    Task Force Established to Propose Legislative Changes

    As part of the agreement, a task force will be formed to prepare proposals for legislative amendments concerning the management of state-owned agricultural properties. The creation of this working group signifies a commitment to address the broader issues and concerns raised by the protesting farmers. The task force will be responsible for examining the existing regulations and recommending changes that promote fair and transparent practices in the agricultural sector.

    This agreement brings a temporary end to the farmers’ protests in Szczecin, where they had been voicing their dissatisfaction with the alleged unlawful contract. With the signing of the agreement, both the farmers and the government demonstrate their willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and find mutually acceptable solutions to the challenges facing the agricultural industry.

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