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    Ambassador of Poland Evacuated from Sudan

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    Polish diplomats were evacuated from Sudan in a joint mission conducted by the French and Spanish militaries, the Polish Foreign Ministry has confirmed. The group included the Polish ambassador and 11 other Poles, according to the spokesman.

    A bloody power struggle between Sudan’s army and a powerful paramilitary force has resulted in violence throughout the country for more than seven days.

    Hundreds have been killed and the violence shows no sign of abating.

    Lukasz Jasina told PAP on Monday that the evacuees had not yet reached Poland.

    On Sunday evening, 104 civilians, including Poles, were evacuated from Sudan to Djibouti by the Spanish army, according to Spanish government sources. This news was reported by Spanish media in the early hours of Monday morning.

    Main image: Credits to Mücahit Duman retrieved from Pixabay


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