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    Antoni Macierewicz Emphasizes Independence and Truth at Gazeta Polska Clubs Convention

    In a powerful address at the 10th Convention of Gazeta Polska Clubs in the USA and Canada, PiS Vice President Antoni Macierewicz underscored the importance of Polish sovereignty and commended the gathered club members for their role in shaping independence awareness. Macierewicz, a special guest at the event, also highlighted the significance of Telewizja Republika as a truthful medium regarding the events of April 10, 2010, in Smolensk.

    The panel, initiated by the Editor-in-Chief of Gazeta Polska, emphasized the crucial role of past experiences in decision-making. Macierewicz, addressing the convention, expressed that the Polish diaspora, Polonia, holds enormous potential that will profoundly impact the future of Poland, Europe, and global geopolitics.

    Macierewicz: Germany is Russia’s Tool

    Repeatedly emphasizing the crucial nature of Poland’s sovereignty, Macierewicz warned of imminent threats and argued that Poland, Europe, the USA, and the entire world are currently experiencing the culmination of a process initiated by the Russians in the late 1980s.

    “In my deep conviction, Germany is Russia’s tool, not an independent factor. They are so dependent on Russia that, in essence, this joint concept, which is being finally implemented, will transform the EU into a unified state,” asserted the former Speaker of the Sejm.

    He expressed concern about the upcoming EU parliamentary vote, suggesting a plan that, if passed, would shape the EU into a unified state. Macierewicz cautioned against a pervasive ideology that seeks to destroy Christian consciousness and structures globally, with gender ideology as its focal point. He warned that, according to this concept, the youth would be deprived of identity and historical knowledge.

    Macierewicz Commends Telewizja Republika and Gazeta Polska Clubs

    Turning to the issue of Smolensk, Macierewicz lamented the marginalization of the truth about the Smolensk tragedy. He praised Telewizja Republika and TV Trwam as the only media outlets telling the truth about the incident, accusing public media of silence on the matter.

    “The consequence of suppressing the truth about the Smolensk crime is the pursuit of eliminating knowledge among the youth so that they can be shaped by the post-communist formation,” stated Macierewicz.

    The PiS Vice President also lauded the Gazeta Polska Clubs, commending them for being independence-focused entities. He expressed his conviction that they would play a pivotal role in shaping independence awareness.

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