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    Appointment of New Rector Raises Eyebrows: Brother of Infrastructure Minister to Fire University

    Brigadier Tomasz Klimczak has been named the new Rector-Commandant of the Fire University, an important educational institution in the realm of emergency services and public safety. This appointment has been confirmed by the Ministry of Interior and Administration, placing Klimczak in a significant position of leadership within the academy.

    Tomasz Klimczak, a seasoned firefighter, is notably the brother of Dariusz Klimczak, the current Minister of Infrastructure, representing the Polish People’s Party (PSL). This familial connection has drawn attention and commentary, as it situates Tomasz Klimczak at the intersection of public service and political affiliations.

    Despite being recognized as an expert in fire safety, there are voices within the academy and the broader community expressing reservations about Klimczak’s appointment. Critics argue that his managerial experience is insufficient for the rector’s role, pointing out that many staff members at the academy surpass him in terms of experience.

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