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    Barbara Nowak: Championing Morality, Polish Identity, and Faith

    Barbara Nowak is a formidable figure known for her unwavering commitment to fostering morality, preserving Polish heritage, and upholding faith. Despite facing opposition from political adversaries, her recent publication, “Dokąd zmierzamy,” stands as a testament to her resilience.

    In her anthology, Nowak, alongside distinguished authors, delves into pivotal questions regarding faith, education, and tradition. Professor Andrzej Nowak’s essay reflects on Poland’s millennium-long heritage, urging a reevaluation of recent decades.

    Contributors like Leszek Sosnowski provide insightful analyses, offering concrete solutions for the triumph of Polish conservatism. Additionally, Joanna Wieliczka-Szarkowa highlights the importance of preserving Catholic traditions.

    From Ryszard Kantor’s defense of family values to Jolanta Sosnowska’s advocacy for Saint John Paul II’s teachings, the book celebrates Poland’s rich cultural legacy.

    “Dokąd zmierzamy” exemplifies excellence, not only in content but also in presentation. With its imminent release, it promises to provoke thought and inspire action in preserving Poland’s cultural fabric.

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