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    Beauty and the Beasts Exhibition Showcases Natural Phenomena at the Polish Academy of Sciences Earth Museum

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    From November 29, the Polish Academy of Sciences Earth Museum will host the exhibition “Beauty and the Beasts: Natural Phenomena in Contemporary Scientific Research.” Organized by the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the exhibition features photographs of natural phenomena studied by geophysicists, historical measurement instruments, and rocks dating back almost 4 billion years.

    Icy Marvels and Glacial Symphony

    The exhibition opens with a section dedicated to glaciers and glaciological research conducted in the Arctic on Spitsbergen. Visitors can witness the impressive front of a glacier cut by crevices, accompanied by the sounds it produces during calving. The display also captures the breathtaking spectacle of the northern lights, known as the aurora borealis, observed above the Polish Polar Station Hornsund.

    Rivers of Poland and Earth’s Tremors

    The next part explores Polish rivers, seeking to understand the processes affecting their condition and the increasing occurrence of droughts in the country. Visitors will also discover the locations of significant earthquakes and their magnitudes.

    The Fury of Storms

    The exhibition concludes with a focus on storms, unraveling the physics behind thunderstorms and the mysteries within storm clouds. An artistic addition includes stone depictions of these phenomena created by children of Institute of Geophysics PAN employees.

    This exhibition, part of the “Geophysics for Everyone” project, offers a geological journey through time, presenting rocks ranging from nearly 4 billion years old to those formed just over 300 million years ago in the Polish Karkonosze Mountains.

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