Brake Pads, Climate Change, and Farmers: Another Embarrassing Statement from Left-Wing MP on Combustion Engine Cars

    Left-Wing MP, Anna-Maria Żukowska, doesn’t shy away from driving her leased, combustion engine Audi A3, yet blames old combustion engine vehicles and… brake pads for climate change. The hypocrisy of the Left was laid bare in a conversation on Kanal Zero with Robert Mazurek.

    During the discussion with the left-wing MP and editor Mazurek, a viewer brought up a pertinent issue via a phone call. He questioned whether it was not a form of ecological hypocrisy to allow the entry of new luxury, fuel-guzzling cars into cities while banning older, smaller-engine ones.

    In response to the question, the MP stated that the ban date is negotiable and added that she finds electric cars expensive, yet sees no issue with the bans on combustion engine vehicles.

    She summed up her statement with references to farmer protests, which she believes are expressions of opposition of the farmers to climate change caused, among other things, by combustion engine vehicles, not the strict restrictions and bans of the European Union.

    The project to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles, which the Left voted for, is set to come into effect in 2035.


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