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    Celebrating Polish Cuisine: Successful Conclusion of Polish Cuisine Week

    Over 400 restaurants across Poland participated in the Polish Cuisine Week, a special initiative organized by the MAKRO Poland wholesale network in honor of November 11th Independence Day. The culinary celebration aimed to raise awareness about local dishes and support neighborhood restaurants.

    Culinary Festivities Nationwide

    Polish Cuisine Week, held from November 3rd to 26th, witnessed the involvement of 400 restaurants from 219 cities. These establishments crafted two versions of a three-course menu priced at 69 or 99 PLN. The menus featured regional delights like Warmian “dzyndzałki” and historically inspired dishes paying homage to 19th-century chef Jan Szyttler.

    Culinary Enthusiasm and Recognition

    Krzysztof Żurek, Head Chef at “Trzy Rybki” restaurant in Hotel Stary, emphasized the increased interest in this year’s festival, possibly attributed to its growing recognition. Dishes like Baltic turbot in panko with sardine sauce and roasted cabbage resonated well with visitors, indicating the enduring appeal of Polish cuisine.

    Support from Influencers and Ambassadors

    The promotion of Polish Cuisine Week received substantial support from bloggers, influencers, media patrons, and ambassador chefs, including Bogdan Gałązka and Adrian Gabryszak. Their collective efforts underscored the event’s popularity and the enduring allure of Polish gastronomy.

    For more information about Polish Cuisine Week, visit here.

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