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    CIA and Ukrainian Intelligence: A Decade of Secret Collaboration

    In a revelation by the New York Times, it has come to light that the CIA has been in close collaboration with Ukrainian intelligence services for nearly a decade, resulting in the establishment of 12 secret bases in Ukraine. This partnership has been instrumental in conducting espionage against Russia from Ukrainian territory.

    Douglas London, a retired CIA officer, in an interview with TV Republika, lauded Ukraine’s role in this partnership. He highlighted Ukraine’s excellence, leveraging their linguistic skills, vast presence in Russia, and the tools provided by the CIA to gather valuable intelligence. “Ukraine was a brilliant partner,” London remarked, underscoring the wealth of intelligence information Ukraine supplied to the United States and its allies.

    This clandestine cooperation, spanning over ten years, not only facilitated the opening of these intelligence bases but also signified the deep trust and mutual understanding that developed between the two countries over the years. London pointed out that such programs require time to mature and are heavily dependent on the relationship dynamics between the partner countries. “I think the fact that the program has been running for about 10 years allowed people to get to know each other and build trust,” he stated.

    Furthermore, London addressed the initial challenges faced by the US services in collaborating with the former Ukrainian services, which had remnants of the KGB. The Russian advantage, due to its longstanding ties with Ukraine, was significant until the pivotal moment of Russia’s attack and invasion in 2014. The subsequent evolution of Ukraine’s military intelligence unit, along with major reforms in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), marked a turning point. These reforms included the removal of much of the old guard and the establishment of safeguards against Russian sympathizers and agents, fundamentally transforming Ukrainian intelligence.

    London also reflected on the past when Ukraine was considered hostile territory for US intelligence, owing to the older generation’s distrust towards the US and their leanings towards Russia. He praised the insistence of the CIA and other partners on rebuilding Ukraine’s intelligence capabilities from scratch, which has culminated in a strong foundation and a new, effective, and reliable generation of Ukrainian intelligence.

    This decade-long evolution of CIA-Ukraine intelligence cooperation underscores a significant shift in the geopolitical landscape, showcasing Ukraine’s transition from a region of distrust to a key ally in intelligence and security matters against common adversaries.

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