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    Controversy in Cat Contest: Disqualification of Mania – Polish Pallas’s Cat

    Mania, a beloved Pallas’s cat from the Poznań Zoo, was disqualified from the international “Most Beautiful Pallas’s Cat” competition held on Platform X. The disqualification has ignited a storm of controversy among wild cat enthusiasts globally.

    A Feline Frontrunner Falls

    Mania had been a clear favorite in the competition, swiftly winning over hearts and votes in her initial group and succeeding rounds. Her next matchup was against Polly, another popular contender, in what was anticipated to be a fierce semifinal. Notably, Mania is the mother of last year’s winner, Magellan, which only added to her celebrity status and the shock of her sudden removal from the contest.

    Sudden Shift to Secrecy

    The news broke on Monday when the DailyMantle profile, which hosted the voting, went private unexpectedly and announced Mania’s disqualification without any explanation. This abrupt decision led to an uproar on the internet, with hundreds of comments flooding the Poznań Zoo’s posts, including a notable comment from former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who expressed his dismay and support for Mania, stating, “For me – as for thousands who voted – she is the winner!”

    Zoo Responds Amidst the Outcry

    Speaking on behalf of Mania, the Poznań Zoo staff shared their confusion and disappointment regarding the disqualification. In a statement imbued with a mix of whimsy and defiance, they relayed Mania’s supposed reaction: “I have been disqualified. I do not know why. My caretakers have told me so, and hence, although it does not bother me much, I will turn my back for a moment. No, just kidding! Magellan still holds his title, and no one can take that away, and I too had my moment of fame. As you might know, we Pallas’s cats are not particularly fond of the limelight. It was nice, see you around.”

    Despite the setback, it appears Mania maintains her composure and distance from the controversy, typical of the elusive and reserved nature of Pallas’s cats.

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