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    Cutting-Edge Universal Design Lab Opens at Lodz University of Technology

    The Lodz University of Technology has unveiled a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to universal design, named “Design 4 All.” This 1000 m² facility, spanning two floors, is equipped with advanced tools like 3D printers, CNC machines, and VR stations. Students can test their designs by simulating real-life conditions faced by pregnant women, people with disabilities, or those with specific health issues.

    Hands-On Experience for Students

    The lab offers unique opportunities for students studying ergonomics. With devices that simulate various physical conditions and ailments, such as advanced pregnancy, joint degeneration, and spinal disorders, future designers can ensure their prototypes meet the needs of diverse users. Specialized suits and electronic testing equipment help students understand the ergonomic and usability challenges faced by these groups.

    “Design 4 All” is also open to industry professionals, providing a collaborative space for businesses to leverage academic research and prototype testing. Recent meetings between students, doctoral candidates, and industry managers have highlighted the lab’s potential for fostering practical experience and job opportunities.

    Expanding Research and Application

    Additionally, the lab focuses on designing rehabilitation equipment, with some prototypes already benefiting patients in local hospitals. An independent section of the lab is dedicated to drone technology, where students specialize in designing and utilizing unmanned vehicles, further showcasing the lab’s diverse research and application capabilities.

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