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    Deputy Justice Minister wins in court against portal

    Bartosz Lewandowski, attorney-at-law representing Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Woś before the court, announced on Twitter that the Court of Appeal in Warsaw had upheld his appeal in the case of Woś versus the editors of the portal.

    “The court acknowledged that it was untrue to claim that Michał Woś was leading the purchase of the CBA operating system and requires the publication of a statement and disclaimer,” Lewandowski wrote, adding that “further trials are pending”.

    “Again caught in a lie. I won against them in the Court of Appeal. I recommend for your health to avoid these evil people,” Michal Woś wrote on Twitter.

    In January 2022, published an article claiming that the Ministry of Justice was providing the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau with funds from the Justice Fund to carry out ‘statutory tasks in the field of crime detection and prevention’, with Michal Woś supposedly signing off on the instructions. The Pegasus system was to be purchased with these funds.

    Michał Woś, responding at the time to the media allegations against him, indicated that everything in the activities carried out was fully legal.

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