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    Disturbing Footage Emerges from TVP Headquarters: “Strong Individuals” Resort to Violence, Including Against Women

    In a shocking turn of events at the TVP headquarters on Woronicza Street, a forcible takeover of power occurred. The “strong individuals” (people who, according to Tusk, will take power from the former government by force – ed.) opinion aligned with the new Minister of Culture, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, resorted to violence, even targeting women. Disturbing recordings from the incident have surfaced online.

    Forcible Takeover of TVP: Startling Recordings Revealed!

    The Minister of Culture “dismissed” the previous presidents of the Management Boards of Telewizja Polska S.A., Polskie Radio S.A., and Polska Agencja Prasowa S.A., as well as the Supervisory Boards. This move, however, contradicts the legal provisions outlined by the Constitutional Tribunal.

    The publication also critiqued the Tribunal’s ruling, deeming it “legally ineffective and in no way binding on either the Minister of Culture and National Heritage or the new Boards or Supervisory Boards of the Companies.”

    Simultaneously, at the TVP headquarters on Woronicza Street, “strong individuals” arrived and carried out an unlawful takeover of the television station. Shocking recordings have emerged online, revealing acts of violence during the forceful occupation of TVP President Mateusz Matyszkowicz’s office, including violence against women.

    Earlier, a representative of the new “supervisory board” had appeared in the TVP building.

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