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    Driving Harder, Paying More: EU Cracks Down on Speeding with Tougher Penalties and License Loss

    The European Parliament has voted on a resolution that hits hard on road pirates. MEPs agreed that licenses should be suspended or revoked for exceeding the speed limit by 30 km/h in built-up areas and by 50 km/h outside. A suspension in one member state will also mean a driving ban in the other EU countries.

    For years, the European Parliament plenary has been waging a war against drivers. Today was no different. In Strasbourg, a resolution was voted on to help introduce significant changes in punishing drivers. Not everyone in the EP was convinced about these ideas – 372 deputies voted in favor, 220 against, and 43 abstained.

    In Poland, drivers have been losing their licenses for three months for exceeding the speed limit in built-up areas by at least 50 km/h for several years. With the recent increase in fines and penalty points, there was an idea to also apply license loss to those exceeding the speed limit outside built-up areas. However, such a provision was deleted during government talks – politicians from Solidarna Polska were opposed to its introduction.

    The resolution just voted on in the EP goes even further. MEPs agreed to introduce suspension or loss of driving license instead of fines for exceeding the speed limit by at least 30 km/h in built-up areas. Such a penalty would also affect drivers who exceed the allowable speed limit by at least 50 km/h outside built-up areas.

    The act itself is definitely a fight against the number of cars on the roads and will put a clear hole in drivers’ budgets, which has been happening for years. Is it supposed to be ecological and economical? Perhaps only when it comes to filling the pockets of Brussels officials.

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