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    Duda Highlights the Urgent Need to Safeguard State Borders

    Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Polish President Andrzej Duda issued a stark warning, emphasizing the critical importance of upholding international law and protecting state borders to prevent the spectre of “neo-imperialism” from looming over nations.

    Duda’s address was marked by a resolute condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, during which he stressed that the act of altering borders through military force and denying people their right to exist must be unequivocally halted.

    “To put an end to this peril, we must restore Ukraine’s complete territorial integrity within the boundaries recognized by the international community,” Duda urged.

    Emphasizing the significance of respecting internationally recognized national borders, the Polish president underscored that the inviolability of these borders constitutes a fundamental pillar of global order. He warned, “Today, Ukraine is the victim, but if we fail to adhere to these unwavering principles and rigorously enforce international law, any one of us could be next.”

    Duda’s concerns extended beyond the immediate crisis in Ukraine, as he addressed the broader consequences of unchecked aggression. He asserted that “unpunished war crimes breed a dangerous culture of impunity among those seeking to exert dominance and dictate the destinies of other sovereign states and nations.”

    In this vein, Duda announced Poland’s unwavering support for efforts aimed at holding Russia accountable for its alleged violations of international law. The Polish president’s words echoed a collective call for safeguarding state borders, reinforcing the importance of international norms and principles, and preventing the resurgence of “neo-imperialism” on the world stage.


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