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    EC Approves Poland’s Support Program for Farmers

    The European Commission (EC) has granted its approval to Poland’s support program for farmers, amounting to €1.3 billion, aimed at assisting those who have been affected by devastating natural disasters.

    This comprehensive scheme caters to agri-producers of all sizes, including large, medium, and small-scale farmers, provided they hold insurance policies with government-approved insurance companies.

    Under the program’s provisions, eligible beneficiaries can potentially receive financial support amounting to up to 65 per cent of the insurance premiums they have paid.

    The support is specifically targeted at farmers who have endured significant damage to their crops and livestock as a consequence of extreme weather events such as powerful winds, floods, and landslides.

    By extending this financial aid, the program aims to provide crucial assistance to farmers in their efforts to recover from the detrimental impacts of natural disasters, enabling them to resume their agricultural activities and restore their livelihoods.


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