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    Enhanced EC-Poland Agreement Set to Increase Polish Presence Within European Commission

    Poland and the European Commission (EC) have inked a pivotal agreement aimed at rectifying Poland’s noticeable under-representation within the EC’s upper managerial ranks. On Friday, Poland’s Ambassador to the EU, Andrzej Sados, joined forces with Gertrud Ingestad, the Director-General for Human Resources and Security at the EC, to formally endorse a collaborative program. This program’s primary objective is to bolster Poland’s presence within the ranks of the European Commission, as disclosed by the Permanent Representation to the European Union.

    The joint agreement underscores the collective importance placed by all nations on ensuring equitable geographical representation. Poland has persistently advocated for addressing its long-standing under-representation in key managerial positions within EU institutions, including the European Commission, as championed by Gertrud Ingestad, and the European Parliament.

    This endeavor extends beyond Poland, as other Central European countries that joined the EU in 2004 similarly grapple with under-representation within EU structures. The statistics reveal the stark reality – despite Poland’s population accounting for 8.2 percent of the EU’s total, the proportion of Poles holding influential EU managerial posts stands at a mere 4 percent. These discrepancies persist in other vital institutions, such as the European External Action Service, where Poles hold a mere 3.5 percent of managerial posts out of 286 available, and the European Parliament, where their presence remains at a low 2.9 percent.”


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