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    European Day of Road Safety: A Call for Responsibility

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    European Road Safety Day is an annual event that seeks to increase awareness of road safety issues and promote strategies to reduce accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. The day involves various preventative and educational activities such as debates, conferences, and demonstrations.

    European Road Safety Day (ERSD) is an initiative by the European Commission to promote best practice among EU member states on road safety issues. It has been held every year since 2007 on May 6th (except years 2009 and 2011). Each ERSD focuses on a specific road safety theme. (

    It serves as a reminder to all road users of their responsibility for safety and the crucial role of following traffic laws and showing mutual respect to minimize accidents. The main target of the day is decision-makers and road users to promote active involvement in creating, changing, and improving road regulations to achieve higher safety levels.

    For more than a decade, PKP Polish Railway Lines have been working to improve safety, especially at railway crossings, by conducting various activities aimed at children, young people, and adult drivers. The goal of the campaign is to minimize the number of incidents that pose a threat to human life and health in railway crossings and surrounding areas. Improving road safety requires the cooperation of all road users, especially drivers and pedestrians, who must respect regulations and exercise caution and common sense.

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