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    Eva Kaili Returns to European Parliament Amid Ongoing ‘Qatargate’ Corruption Investigation

    The ‘Qatargate’ corruption scandal that sent shockwaves through the European Parliament last December continues to unfold, with the investigation still underway. Despite being one of the key figures implicated in the affair, former MEP deputy Eva Kaili has returned to her duties in the European Parliament, seemingly unaffected by the recent events.

    In a surprising turn of events, Kaili participated in a plenary vote in the EP in Strasbourg shortly after her release from custody, as if the scandal had never occurred. This move has raised questions about the progress of the investigation and whether it has been swept under the rug.

    “Today in the EP in Strasbourg, Eva Kaili, released from custody, took part in the plenary vote as if nothing had happened. Are they done with this?” tweeted Polish MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, expressing his concerns.

    Following her involvement in the ‘Qatargate’ corruption scandal, Kaili was removed from her position as Vice-President of the Socialist European Parliament. However, she still retains her membership in the EP, allowing her to resume her legislative duties. Despite the scandal tarnishing her reputation, Kaili has managed to make a comeback just six months after the controversy first came to light.

    The situation surrounding Kaili’s return to the European Parliament is accompanied by legal restrictions. The Brussels court, in agreement with investigating magistrate Michel Claise and federal magistrate Raphael Malagnini, has granted Kaili permission to travel to Strasbourg solely for the purpose of fulfilling her parliamentary responsibilities. This decision has been justified by Kaili’s legal team, consisting of lawyers Sven Mary and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos. 

    The ‘Qatargate’ corruption scandal erupted in December 2022 with the arrest of Eva Kaili, a former vice-president of the European Parliament and member of the Greek socialist party. Kaili stands accused of accepting substantial bribes from Qatar and is currently under investigation in Belgium. Concurrently, she is facing a separate inquiry in Greece, where she could potentially face imprisonment. 

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