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    Family-Friendly Excellence: European Cities to Celebrate

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    Discover the top European cities for families according to Preply’s study, with Krakow shining, Portugal triumphing, and insights into health, education, and lifestyle factors influencing family choices.

    Krakow, a Polish gem, has secured its place among Europe’s top cities for families, ranking 20th in a study by language learning platform Preply. Praised for its low cost of living, minimal crime rates, and abundant recreational options, Krakow also clinched the 10th spot in the family lifestyle category, boasting numerous sports facilities and green spaces.

    Katowice Faces Challenges, but Outshines London

    While Krakow basks in glory, Katowice, though less impressive, still outperformed London. Air pollution was a significant setback for Katowice, a woe shared with London. London, with air quality and high crime rates, landed at the bottom of the rankings.

    Portugal Triumphs – Funchal Named Most Family-Friendly City

    Funchal in Madeira, Portugal, emerged as the top spot for families in Europe. The city’s accolades stem from its remarkably low crime rates, excellent air quality, and affordable living costs. Portugal dominates the rankings, with Trieste, Italy, and Lisbon securing the second and third positions, respectively.

    Factors Influencing Family Choices – Health, Education, Lifestyle

    Parents consider various factors when choosing a place to raise their families. Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland excel in health indicators, including air quality, crime rates, and healthcare accessibility. Italy leads in education, with Florence and Trieste ranking highest based on student-teacher ratios, annual education spending, and extracurricular options. The UK stands out for lifestyle, with Aberdeen and Newcastle upon Tyne scoring well due to recreational facilities and an extended maternity leave of 273 days.

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