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    Farmers’ Tractor Rally: Defying EU Policies in Brussels

    In an unprecedented show of defiance, hundreds of farmers converged on the streets of Brussels, wielding their tractors as symbols of resistance against what they view as unjust agricultural policies imposed by the European Union. Recorded in gripping footage, the clashes between farmers and law enforcement unfolded dramatically, escalating as barriers were rammed and tyres set ablaze.

    Brussels, steeped in history, transformed into a battleground as tractors streamed into the European district, coinciding with a pivotal meeting of agriculture ministers from EU member states at the EU Council building. Determined to amplify their grievances, farmers unleashed a torrent of protest against EU agricultural policies they perceive as threatening their livelihoods.

    The scenes turned tumultuous as farmers confronted police barricades with unwavering resolve, resorting to extreme measures to garner attention to their cause. Despite authorities’ efforts to quell the unrest with water cannons and gas, the protestors remained steadfast in their demands.

    Near the iconic Schuman Roundabout, emblematic of EU institutions, farmers ignited tyres in a defiant display, casting flames into the night sky as a poignant reminder of their discontent. Reports emerged of farmers hurling firecrackers at law enforcement, heightening tensions on the ground, and prompting authorities to reinforce their presence in the European district.

    Rooted in the European organization Via Campesina (ECVC), representing small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, the protest underscores demands for the EU’s withdrawal from free trade agreements, particularly with Mercosur countries. The impending discussion at the agriculture ministers’ meeting highlights the urgency of their plea, as farmers decry the potential dire consequences of the EU-Mercosur trade agreement on Western European agriculture. Their demands for fair wages and a reevaluation of EU agricultural policy resonate across Brussels, where disrupted traffic and closed metro stations bear witness to the scale of their dissent.

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