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    First Lady Discusses Challenges of Polish Schools in America

    First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda met with Renata Ochocka, Secretary of the Central Polish Supplementary Schools in the USA, to discuss the important role of Polish educators in America.

    Unique and Difficult Mission

    As a seasoned teacher, Kornhauser-Duda often visits Polish schools abroad, emphasizing the unique and challenging mission of Polish community educators. She regularly meets with students and teachers in New York during the UN General Assembly sessions.

    Addressing Challenges

    Today’s discussion with Ochocka and her grandchildren highlighted the challenges faced by Polish schools in America, including the impact of COVID-19, weekend school attendance, and staff shortages. They also talked about preserving Polish values and traditions while respecting the host country’s history and customs.

    Annual Teachers’ Convention

    The conversation also covered the 17th Convention of Polish Teachers and Parent Committees, organized by the Central Polish Supplementary Schools in America in Florida this May. Established in 1925, the CPSD aims to preserve the Polish language and Catholic values, currently overseeing 75 schools.

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