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    Former Prime Minister Morawiecki Calls for Embargo Amidst Farmer Protests in Poland

    In response to ongoing farmer protests across Poland and the European Union, former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has advocated for the imposition of an embargo on agricultural goods from Ukraine as a necessary measure to address the crisis. The protests, driven by demands for the simplification of the Green Deal requirements, the restriction of excessive imports of agri-food products from Ukraine, and the enhancement of agricultural production profitability, have highlighted the critical state of the agricultural sector.

    In a statement released on social media platform X, Morawiecki, currently serving as a member of the Law and Justice Party (PiS), emphasized the importance of swift action to mitigate the crisis, stating that the interests of farmers align with the national interest. “Farmers are protesting, keeping in mind their interests, but also the interest of the entire country. Today, we must seek effective ways to defuse the crisis. We need to act. An embargo is a necessity,” Morawiecki asserted.

    The former prime minister argued that introducing an embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products without fear of repercussions from Brussels is essential. He highlighted the expectation of Polish farmers and citizens for tangible systemic solutions to the agricultural sector’s issues, rather than further escalation of problems.

    Morawiecki criticized the designation of border crossings with Ukraine as critical infrastructure, describing it as an escalation and a forceful blockade of protest rather than a resolution to the ongoing dispute. His comments reflect the growing tension and the urgent need for policy interventions to support Poland’s agricultural community amidst the wider European context.

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