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    Fulfilling Universal Human Rights for Older Persons: A Global Call to Action

    Seventy-five years ago, the United Nations took a historic step by adopting the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Today, on the 33rd United Nations International Day of Older Persons, we reflect on the progress made and the work ahead to ensure these rights for older generations.

    This year’s theme is “Fulfilling Universal Human Rights for Older Persons: Across Generations.” It underscores the commitment to safeguarding the rights of older individuals globally and highlights intergenerational solidarity’s vital role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

    Intergenerational solidarity, guided by principles like participation, accountability, and equality, empowers both youth and older persons to drive progress towards universal human rights.

    UNIDOP 2023 objectives:

    1. Increase global knowledge and awareness of Universal Human Rights for older persons.

    2. Share intergenerational models for human rights protection.

    3. Call on governments and UN entities to integrate a life course approach to human rights, with active stakeholder participation.

    This International Day is significant as the ageing population continues to grow rapidly. The number of individuals aged 65 or older tripled since 1980, reaching 761 million in 2021, and is projected to reach 17% by 2050.

    To meet the needs of this ageing population, societies must prioritize health promotion, illness prevention, and supportive environments.

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