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    German politician accuses Poles of the greatest genocide in the history of mankind

    The Alternative for Germany (AfD) member Martin Reichardt said strongly outrageous words about Poland and it did not remain unnoticed. Karolina Mrozowska, a Representative of Wroclaw’s Gazeta Polska Club responded and criticised the German politician.

    MP Martin Reichardt tweeted a map showing the extent of the German language before and after 1945 and accused Poland of genocide.

    The map shows the result of millions of expulsions, murders, rapes, etc. It was one of the greatest “ethnic cleansing” or genocides of mankind. Like all crimes of this kind, it must not be relativized by anything.

    “Come to Auschwitz and see for yourself the heinous crimes your nation committed against us”, Mrozowska said.

    Mrozowska boldly declared in a video addressed to Reichardt, delivered in flawless German that left no room for misunderstanding:

    “Your scandalous words about Poland require a firm response. Millions of Polish citizens were victims of German crimes. I invite you and the entire AfD to visit the museum in Auschwitz to see for yourself.”

    she noted.

    As tensions between Poland and Germany continue to simmer over the thorny issue of World War II reparations, Mrozowska’s call for dialogue and understanding offers a glimmer of hope in an otherwise tense relationship between the two neighboring countries. Will Reichardt take up Mrozowska’s challenge and visit Auschwitz? Only time will tell.