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    German States Call for Border Control Amid Immigration Fears

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    The German states of Brandenburg and Saxony have called for the reintroduction of border controls with Poland and the Czech Republic due to fears of increased immigration. The ministers of internal affairs from both states have sent a letter to the federal minister of internal affairs requesting stationary controls to limit the entry of unauthorized refugees.

    Officials pointed to the precedent of successful border controls in Bavaria and urged for similar measures in other regions. The Saxony minister stated that the two states are facing similar migratory pressures and require temporary border controls. The Brandenburg minister emphasized the need to maintain control of federal borders to preserve freedom of movement within the Schengen area.

    The call for stricter border controls comes amid concerns of a possible influx of refugees from the crisis in Ukraine. Germany has already been monitoring its border with Austria since 2015 when thousands of refugees and migrants crossed into Western Europe via the Balkan route.

    The issue of immigration remains a sensitive topic in Germany, with the country still grappling with the aftermath of the 2015 refugee crisis. The federal government has yet to respond to the call for border controls, but the issue is expected to be addressed at an upcoming refugee summit.

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