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    Government Approves Bill to Abolish Tolls for Passenger Vehicles on Polish Motorways

    In a significant move aimed at easing the financial burden on motorists, the Polish cabinet has given its approval to a bill that will abolish tolls for passenger vehicles on state-owned motorways. The announcement was made by Infrastructure Minister, Andrzej Adamczyk, during a press conference on Wednesday.

    The decision comes after the ruling Law and Justice party, the dominant political force in Poland’s governing coalition, expressed its intention to eliminate tolls during its annual convention held last weekend. With this bill, the government aims to lift motorway tolls for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, specifically on paid stretches of motorways under the administration of the General Directorate for Inland Roads and Motorways.

    Minister Adamczyk emphasized that the government is also initiating discussions regarding the removal of tolls on privately owned stretches of motorways. He expressed optimism that these privately owned motorways would become toll-free within a year.

    The new regulations, which involve amendments to the existing laws, have been meticulously prepared by the infrastructure ministry. This move represents a significant step towards enhancing accessibility and affordability for motorists travelling on Polish motorways.

    The decision to abolish tolls for passenger vehicles is expected to bring considerable relief to the citizens of Poland, who have long faced financial burdens associated with toll charges. By eliminating these tolls, the government aims to enhance mobility, reduce travel expenses, and facilitate smoother journeys across the country.

    The toll-free initiative is also expected to boost tourism and business activities, as it will make travelling on motorways more attractive for both domestic and international visitors. The move is likely to stimulate economic growth and improve overall connectivity throughout Poland.

    While the focus is currently on state-owned motorways, the government’s commitment to initiating discussions about toll removal on privately owned motorways signals a comprehensive approach to achieving toll-free travel across the nation. The government’s proactive stance reflects a commitment to addressing the concerns and needs of motorists and promoting a more favourable environment for road users.

    The bill’s approval marks a significant milestone in the government’s efforts to improve the transportation infrastructure and enhance the overall quality of life for the citizens of Poland. By eliminating tolls for passenger vehicles, the government is taking a step towards creating a more inclusive and accessible road network.

    The bill will now proceed to the legislative stage, where it will be debated and scrutinized by the relevant authorities. If successfully passed into law, this landmark decision will undoubtedly have a positive impact on millions of motorists in Poland.

    As the government continues its efforts to improve the transportation sector, the future of toll-free travel in Poland appears promising. Motorists can look forward to a more cost-effective and efficient road network, fostering greater convenience and connectivity across the country.


    Image credits: Michiel1972 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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