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    Historic Stone Lions in Warsaw to Undergo Comprehensive Restoration

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    The iconic stone lions standing guard outside the Presidential Palace in Warsaw will undergo a major restoration process using cutting-edge technologies, as announced by the President’s Office on Twitter. The four majestic sculptures, which have symbolized the Royal Route for over two centuries, have suffered significant deterioration over time. Previous conservative conservation efforts will now give way to a truly comprehensive renovation, incorporating modern techniques.

    The four stone lions, crafted by Italian artist Camillo Landini, have withstood wars and uprisings, but the ravages of time, coupled with constant exposure to weather elements, have taken their toll on these cultural landmarks. Notably, during the Warsaw Uprising, the lions sustained substantial damage, exacerbating the fragility of their sandstone composition.

    Complex Restoration Approach

    To ensure the preservation of this shared cultural heritage for future generations, the restoration project will implement innovative methods. The sandstone structure will be reinforced, and any existing damage will be meticulously repaired. Additionally, measures will be put in place to protect the sculptures from moisture, a primary factor in their deterioration.

    Once the restoration is complete, these exceptional and historic sculptures will continue to symbolize the spirit of Warsaw, standing proudly at the Presidential Palace, safeguarding the city’s heritage for generations to come.

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