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    Hollywood stars of Polish descent: Mia Wasikowska 

    Mia Wasikowska is an Australian actress of Polish roots. She has gained recognition for her performances in films, including “Alice in Wonderland,” “Jane Eyre,” “The Kids Are All Right,” and “Stoker.”

    Hollywood stars of Polish descent: Mia Wasikowska
    By Martin Kraft – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

    Mia Wasikowska initially pursued an acting career on Australian television, with roles in “All Saints” and “In Treatment.” In 2010, she was selected to star in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” which quickly became a box office hit. Subsequently, she had parts in several major movies, such as “Jane Eyre” (2011), “The Kids Are All Right” (2010), “Lawless” (2012), and “Stoker” (2013).

    Even though Wasikowska has achieved a lot in mainstream cinema, she continues to feature in independent productions, taking on difficult roles that demonstrate her capability as an actress. She has earned great acclaim for her performances in movies like “Tracks” (2013), “Madame Bovary” (2014), “Crimson Peak” (2015), and “Maps to the Stars” (2014).

    Polish roots

    Mia Wasikowska’s parents have mixed backgrounds as her mother is of Polish descent and her father is Australian. Wasikowska’s maternal family moved to Australia from Poland in the wake of World War II. 

    Wasikowska has expressed her joy and pride in her Polish ancestry and how it has influenced her life and profession.

    Her first visit to Poland was when she was 8 years old. Her family moved to Szczecin for a year.

    In 2014, Wasikowska had the opportunity to experience Poland for the second time. She was given the honour of receiving the Krzysztof Kieślowski Award at the Plus Camerimage International Film Festival. She expressed enthusiasm about discovering her ancestry and immersing herself in Polish culture.

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