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    Insights into Provincial Council Elections: Turnout, Trends, and Initial Results

    The National Electoral Commission revealed that with 85 percent of votes counted, the turnout in provincial council elections stands at 51.33 percent.

    The first round of local elections ended at 9:00 pm on Sunday. According to an exit poll conducted by the Ipsos research institute for Polsat, TVN, and TVP, the turnout was reported to be 51.5 percent. Meanwhile, based on data from 85 percent of polling stations in the provincial council elections, the turnout currently stands at 51.33 percent.

    Early Monday morning, the first official results of the first round of elections in presidential cities began to trickle in. Once the National Electoral Commission publishes data from 100 percent of polling stations in a given district, the results in individual cities and provinces will be known. The National Electoral Commission does not provide partial results.

    In the provincial council elections, PiS can count on 33.7 percent support. The party achieved the best percentage result in six out of 16 provincial councils.

    On the other hand, the Civic Coalition secured 31.9 percent support and also garnered the highest number of votes in 10 provincial councils. The Third Way closes the podium with 13.5 percent, while the Confederation received 7.5 percent of the votes, and the Left – 6.8 percent.

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