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    Katowice’s Urban Renaissance: From Banksy to Invader

    Katowice, Poland, a cultural hub in Europe, proudly holds the title of European City of Science. The city’s streets are adorned with murals, modernist architecture, and the soulful echoes of Silesian blues. Now, a new project, “W RAMACH MIASTA – URBAN ART,” debuts on May 1st.

    Under Mayor Marcin Krupa’s leadership, Katowice showcases works by Roy Lichtenstein, Banksy, and Andy Warhol. From graffiti to sculpture, the exhibit captures urban art’s essence, emphasizing the city’s commitment to artistic innovation.

    Engaging the Community

    Invader’s mosaics adorn city walls, inviting exploration of art and urban life. Renowned European artists will further enrich Katowice’s cultural tapestry. As European City of Science, Katowice demonstrates how art and science intersect in daily life. Through initiatives engaging citizens of all ages, the city fosters appreciation for this symbiotic relationship.

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