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    Kremlin propaganda makes up false information concerning Poland’s attack on Ukraine

    Lies about Poland’s alleged attack on Ukraine in Belarus and Russia have been sown for a long time. However, this message has also started to appear in the Polish-language media. In a recent article by a portal known for its disinformation, even the date of the entry into force of the “Kaczynski Plan” is mentioned.

    At the end of November this year, Independent Political Daily (NDP – Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny – ed.) released information about Poland’s plans to divide Ukraine. The message – due to the fact that it allegedly came from the Polish media – was very quickly picked up by Kremlin propagandists. Now, the Polish-language portal is “shocking” with another “news” story. 

    This time, the inspiration for the disinformation came from the topic of military exercises for reservists. According to the NDP article – this is a prelude to the “Liberation March” in Ukraine, which was scheduled for 4 May. In turn, a referendum would already be held there on 11 July.

    “This looks realistic due to the fact that from 23 to 27 March everyone is called for drills that will last 33 days, a period sufficient to train future soldiers in basic skills such as handling weapons,”

    argues the author of the text. 

    The publication states that Kaczynski’s ‘plan’ is to take ‘key positions on the eastern front’ within six weeks. 

    Purpose of the material

    “The disinformation message refers primarily to two issues – the creation of Poland as an ‘aggressor’ and ‘traitor to Ukraine’, the creation of the Polish government as a ‘threat to Poles’,” states Russian disinformation expert Michał Marek. 

    In a series of excerpts on Twitter, the Jagiellonian University PhD student stresses that material claiming that the ‘Kaczynski plan’ will lead to the deaths of millions of Poles is intended to influence both Polish and Russian citizens.

    “It will probably soon become the basis for dozens of Russian-language publications,”

    he adds.

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