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    Książ Castle: A Cinematic Gem and Historic Backdrop

    Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, Poland, celebrated a cinematic milestone as the backdrop for “Zone of Interest,” awarded two Oscars for Best International Film and Best Sound. The castle, a recurrent film location, witnessed the creation of numerous cinematic masterpieces over the years.

    Historic Setting for Cinematic Brilliance

    Since its inception, Książ Castle has served as a captivating setting for several notable films, including classics like “The Leper” (dir. Jerzy Hoffman, 1976) and “The Academy of Mr. Kleks” (dir. Krzysztof Gradowski, 1984), as well as contemporary works like “Brigitte Bardot Divine” (dir. Lech Majewski, 2018). Additionally, it has been a favored location for television series such as “The Mystery of the Cipher Fortress” (dir. Adek Drabiński, 2007) and “1983” (dir. Agnieszka Holland, Kasia Adamik, Olga Chajda, Agnieszka Smoczyńska, 2018).

    Exploring Humanity Amidst Darkness

    “Zone of Interest” stands as a testament to international collaboration, with contributions from British, Polish, and American filmmakers, notably producer Ewa Puszczyńska. Shot clandestinely in January 2022 within the castle’s majestic confines, the film, directed by Jonathan Glazer, loosely adapts Martin Amis’s novel of the same name, delving into the domestic life of Rudolf Höss, the first commandant of Auschwitz.

    The film delves into the personal life of Rudolf Höss, shedding light on his family dynamics amidst the backdrop of war. Höss, who resided near Auschwitz with his wife and five children during the war, is portrayed in a complex narrative that explores the human experience amidst the darkest chapters of history.

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