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    Latest Poll Unveils Pre-Referendum Political Sentiments in Poland

    The latest survey findings by Social Changes have shed light on the prevailing sentiments of the Polish population regarding the upcoming referendum slated for October 15, coinciding with the general election. According to the results unveiled by the agency, an overwhelming majority of Polish citizens are inclined to answer “no” to all four queries poised in the impending referendum.

    The survey carried out by Social Changes and commissioned by the website, meticulously replicated the four questions that will be officially presented in the referendum.

    The initial query, asking respondents whether they endorse the divestiture of state-owned assets to foreign entities, consequently relinquishing Polish citizens’ control over critical sectors of the economy, saw 87 percent of participants expressing a resolute “no”, while the remaining 13 percent voiced their approval.

    Addressing the matter of raising the retirement age, which encompasses reinstating the heightened retirement age of 67 for both genders, 75 percent of those surveyed signaled their opposition to such a measure. In contrast, the remaining quarter of respondents indicated their support for the proposed change.

    The third question, which probed participants’ stances on eliminating border barriers between the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Belarus, reflected that 82 percent of those canvassed stood in favor of maintaining the current border arrangement, while the remaining 18 percent endorsed its removal.

    Lastly, the fourth question inquired about backing the entry of numerous illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, adhering to the mandatory relocation mechanism mandated by European bureaucracy. The outcome depicted a substantial 82 percent of respondents rejecting the admission of these immigrants, whereas 18 percent rallied in support.

    The comprehensive survey was conducted throughout August 18 to 21, encompassing a broad and representative sample of 1,062 Polish citizens from across the nation. The findings provide a comprehensive snapshot of the prevailing public sentiment regarding the pivotal issues at the core of the upcoming referendum.


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