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    Law and Justice Club Submits Eight Draft Bills to Parliament

    Parliamentary Club of the Law and Justice presents eight draft bills addressing key electoral promises to Sejm. PiS criticisms highlight political tensions. Public scrutiny intensifies as Poland approaches the 100-day mark of the new government.

    In the lead-up to the 100th day of the 13 December coalition government, the Law and Justice Club has taken action, submitting eight draft bills to the Sejm. These bills address key promises made by the Civic Coalition (KO), including tax exemption thresholds and voluntary social security contributions. Despite criticisms from PiS representatives, the KO remains focused on delivering its electoral pledges within the designated timeframe. As Poland approaches this milestone, the spotlight is on the government’s ability to fulfill its commitments and navigate the challenges ahead. With the Sejm convened, the fate of these proposed legislations now rests in the hands of parliamentary deliberation.

    Tax Reform and Social Welfare Initiatives in Focus

    The Law and Justice Club has strategically chosen eight initiatives from the Civic Coalition’s “100 Concrete Steps” agenda. Among these proposals are revisions to tax laws, including raising the tax exemption threshold to 60,000 zł and introducing voluntary contributions to the social security system. These measures aim to alleviate financial burdens on citizens and provide flexibility in social welfare planning.

    Challenges and Criticisms

    Despite the initiative’s progress, criticisms from PiS representatives highlight political tensions surrounding the implementation of electoral promises. Concerns over the pace of reform and accusations of unfulfilled pledges underscore the challenges facing the coalition government.

    Looking Ahead: Sejm’s Role and Public Expectations

    As the Sejm begins its deliberations on the submitted bills, public scrutiny intensifies. The government’s ability to enact meaningful reforms will be closely monitored, with the 100-day milestone serving as a litmus test for its effectiveness and accountability.

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