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    Life Changes Science: ESOF2024 in Katowice

    The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2024) will be held from June 12-15 in Katowice, the European City of Science 2024. This conference highlights the interaction between science and society, aiming to stimulate debates on scientific research and its societal impacts.

    Key Themes and Insights

    Professor Ryszard Koziołek, Rector of the University of Silesia, emphasized that science has enabled us to understand and eventually control life on Earth. He pointed out that while Silesia has benefited economically from the Industrial Revolution, it has also faced challenges like environmental degradation and industrial diseases.

    A Forward-Thinking Approach

    Koziołek advocates for science that benefits all living beings, not just humans. ESOF2024 will feature 100 sessions with over 400 speakers, organized into seven thematic blocks, including energy transformation, sustainable environment, and digital transformation.

    Year-Long Scientific Celebrations

    Throughout 2024, Katowice will host 50 themed weeks dedicated to various scientific fields, including Crystal Week and Future Transport Week. ESOF2024 is organized by EuroScience, the City of Katowice, and the University of Silesia, with contributions from other local universities.

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